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By: Asha R. McAllister
Directed by Nanyamka Gallardo

Violet (Dank) Dankowski lives her life as a reading, writing, herbalist that exudes black girl magic. At the center of it all lies her book club, a group of weed loving
intellectuals who have this safe space to meet once a week, until there’s a shift in the group on the cusp of the weed lovers’ favorite holiday. As relationships come under speculation, and lies are unearthed, Violet and the book club are under pressure and made to question the an uncertain future.

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Asha McAllister

Asha McAllister is a playwright, potter, costume designer, and theatre critic. She works in Sales at Groupon. Hailing from the northeast suburbs outside of Chicago; she graduated from Proviso East High School in 2011 and later Kenyon College in 2015 with a BA in Drama.
After graduating from Kenyon, Asha moved to the city and dove right into the Chicago Theater community working in costuming with 20% Theater Co and eventually became the first playwright in residence and a company member.  While she loves costuming her first love is writing and she is more than excited to be focusing on producing her own work. She has had two readings of her full-length Crabs in a Barrel and readings for her shorts It’s About A Sandwich, Me, You, and the Cat, Aiding and Abetting, and Some Day.  

She currently resides, in East Albany Park. In her spare time, she visits the comic book shop, is an avid podcast listener, television binger, knits, crochets, paints, and dabbles in other arts and crafts, especially clay. Peace and long life. Live long and prosper.

(cut this down however you want it's from my website. the star trek shit doesn't need to be present i'm just a nerd)

Why I wrote this play:

This play was born from an exercise in a college playwrighting class. Given the task to write a scene where two people share an uncomfortable moment the first thing that occurred to me was meeting with a shady drug dealer. In all of my own experiences, I had good drug deals...but I couldn't think what if it didn't go well. What would that look like? This compounded with having seminar senior year on 4/20 evening and being totally dry the whole day though everyone expected me to partake with me being the stoner extraordinaire that I am, who Violet is modeled after, I was so happy to be invited to my classmate's place post seminar to smoke. 

We had a great time, the Kenyon nerds we were we smoked js and did bong rips continuing the discussion from our short story seminar. I thought that it would be amazing to have a stoner book club. I realized then that the scene from my playwrighting class wasn't stand alone but the piece to a much larger one. Then I began my farcical play Some Kind of Nightmare. 



Nanyamka Gallardo is a Chicago native, born and raised on the South East side. who recently graduated with a BA in theater performance. Although her background is in acting, Nanyamka noticed a lack of women, specifillicaly women of color in directing and immediately took it upon herself to change that. Since then Nanyamka has helped workshop and directed several new works, her most recent work being UIC’s capstone production of Black Magic. She’s excited to make her debut with Perception Theater!

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