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The Voice Inside My Head by Louis Johnson


The Voice Inside My Head by Louis Johnson, follows “The Man In Black,” a middle-aged Black man recently gunned down by a hostile police officer. The Man in Black recalls his life’s accomplishments, and reflects on the community and national outrage that his murder has caused.


Rashaad A. Bond (he/him)-Director Rashaad moved to Chicago from Albuquerque, New Mexico in the summer of 2019. In Albuquerque, Rashaad founded and served as the artistic director for Middle Ground Theatre Company, a company dedicated to giving opportunities to those in the community that were often neglected. He holds a BA in Theatre from the University of New Mexico. His studies allowed him to develop skills in directing, producing, acting, lighting design, and scenic carpentry. Since moving to Chicago, Rashaad has had the opportunity to work with organizations such as Black Ensemble Theatre, Porchlight Music Theatre, The League of Chicago Theatres, Theatre Above the Law, Ghostlight Ensemble, Perceptions Theatre, and Possibilities Theatre. He is currently an ensemble member of BYOT Productions and The Lightbulb Factory.  


Brandon Etheridge (he/him) (as Man in Black) Brandon Etheridge first walked on the stage at the Chicago State University Theater, as the Tin Man in The Wiz, and he has had a passion for acting ever since. Additionally, Brandon has trained at The Second City Training Center, in Chicago. Brandon has worked on a host of independent films, such as Sugah & Spice, The Leijend, and The County. When Brandon isn’t on stage, he enjoys cycling, reading, and spending time outdoors.