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Scorpio: Winter Staged Reading:

About Scorpio: JUDA, a ‘sensitive as hell’ cancerian, loves their on-again off-again (on-again off-again on-again off-ag…) significant sometimes ADESTE; an irresistible, but guarded scorpio, with all their heart. Problem: neither pair knows exactly what “love” is. However, their relationship dynamic radically shifts when Venus, planet of love, initiates a retrograde so chaotic, JUDA and ADESTE are finally confronted to reevaluate all their notions surrounding intimacy, pleasure, romance, and relating to the other.  And yes, there will be drugs.

Submission Requirements:

  • Headshot

  • Resume

  • Sides will be provide once we receive your headshot and resume

Email your materials to with Scorpio Submission in subject line.

Deadline is on-going

Pay Rate: $200

Rehearsals & Show:

1825 E 79th Street

Chicago, IL 60649

Actor Breakdown:

All characters are identified as Black/African American, 20's-eary 30's  and gender is open.

HONORIS: Juda’s personified moon/mind/caution. the lunar aquarius. observant. willful. independent. hot-headed. has a tendency to overlook their own behavior, but very quick to notice others. believes messy emotions are very unappealing. sensitive to criticism, but will criticate others to death. the thinker. leans away from pleasure. leans into masculine qualities.


ESTOTE: JUDA’s personified rising/heart/passion. the scorpio ascendent. always genuine. focuses their energy in their hands. sensitive to power dynamics. yielding and soft. the feeler. leans into pleasure and the feminine qualities within themselves.


JUDA: the cancer. sensitive, tender, intense, a little moody. communicates with feeling. means what they say. reflective. lover, but doesn’t like to admit it. perceptive and discerning. lucid. don’t call them boy. loves adeste with all their heart. can love for the both of them. gets confused sometimes.

*we encourage you to submit even if you aren't available for all dates listed below. Let us know in your response email what your availability is.*

Rehearsals: Oct 17th, Oct 18th, Oct 22nd, Oct 24th, Oct 29th, Nov 7th and Nov 8th (Tuesday's-Wednesday's 6pm-10pm; and Sunday's 5:30pm-8:30pm)
Tech: Saturday, Sunday, Nov 12th 6pm-10pm, Nov 17th, 6pm-10pm
Show Run: Saturday, Nov 18th, 2pm-4:30pm, *possible performance on Nov 25th at Chicago Dramatists

Virtual Release: Nov 28th-Dec 31st

Headshots and resumes, directors resumes, playwrights scripts and technical, stage and house management resumes can be submitted on a revolving basis.

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