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4th Annual BIPOC Play Fest:

About BIPOC Play Fest: Dedicated to showcasing one act plays by talented playwrights of color. 

Submission Requirements:

  • Headshot

  • Resume

  • Submit 1-2mins monologue 

Email your materials to with BIPOC Play Fest Submission in subject line.

Deadline is on-going

Pay Rate: $150

Rehearsals & Show:

1825 E 79th Street

Chicago, IL 60649

Actor Breakdown:

Plays have not been announced, so general breakdown below.

5- Black/African American, Female Identified, 20s- mid 30s

3-Black/African American, Male Identified, 20s-mid 30s

2-East Asian, Female Identified, 20s- mid 30s

2-White Hispanic/Latnix, Female Identified, 20s- mid 30s

2-Brown Hispanic/Latnix,  Female Identified, 20s- mid 40s

2-White Hispanic/Latnix, Male Identified, 20s- mid 30s

1-Brown Hispanic/Latnix,  Male Identified, 40s- mid 50s

1-White, Female Identified, mid 40's-mid 50's

1-White, Male Identified, mid 40's-mid 50's

*we encourage you to submit even if you aren't available for all dates listed below. Let us know in your response email what your availability is.*

Rehearsals: Between May 18th-June 14th,  12 hrs total to be decided by the director when they will happen. They are allowed to schedule time in our space or outside rehearsals in a space they would prefer.
Tech: June 15th (12pm-6pm, time slots will be assigned, so everyone won't be there the entire time) & 18th (6pm-10pm, time slots will be assigned, so everyone won't be there the entire time)

Show Run: June 20th-June 30th (Thursdays-Fridays 7:30pm-9:30pm, Saturday, 22nd 12pm-3pm, special performance with brunch and talkback, Saturday, June 29th, 2pm--4pm, Sundays 2pm-4pm)

Virtual Run: July1st-July 20th (Pre Recorded)

Rehearsals, Tech & Performances: 1825 E 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60649
 Stipend: $150

Headshots and resumes, directors resumes, playwrights scripts and technical, stage and house management resumes can be submitted on a revolving basis.

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