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3rd Annual BIPOC Play Fest:

This festival is a one act fest of plays written by BIPOC Playwrights.

Submission Requirements:

  • Headshot

  • Resume

  • Sides will be provide once we receive your headshot and resume

Email your materials to with BIPOC Play Fest Submission in subject line.

Deadline to Submit June 17th

Pay Rate: $250

Rehearsals & Show:

1825 E 79th Street

Chicago, IL 60649

Actor Breakdown:

Actress #1: mid 20's-early 40's, she/they, White Latina, needs to speak some Spanish, Roles: Monica, Xochitl

Actress #2: mid 20's-early 40's, she/they, African American Female, Roles: Willona, Voice off Stage   

Actress #3: mid 20's-early 40's, she/they, Brown or Dark Skin Latina or Afro Latina, needs to speak some Spanish, Roles: Thelma, Yasmine

Actress #4:  mid 20's-early 40's, she/they, African American, Roles: Florida, Adeste  

Actress #5: 50's-60's, she/her, African American, Role: Henrietta Nolan  

Actress #6: mid 20's-early 40's, she/they, Lighter Skin African American, Role: Millicent

Actor #1: mid 20's-early 30's, he/they, Chicano/Latine, Roles: Santiago, Angel   

Actor #2: 30's, he/they, Caucasian, Role: John Joseph Bailey 

Actor #3: 20's, he/they, African American, Role: Man #1  

Actor #4: 20's, he/they, African American, Roles: Man #2, Karter

Actor #5: 40's, he/they, African American, Role: Man #3  


One Acts Breakdown:

Raisin Puffs by Andre Richardson Hogan II 

  • Tagline: Two childhood classmates have parted ways and are now seeing each other after years of life lifin’…who has truly become most likely to succeed?

MAN #1: 20s, he/they, African American, Former classmate of Man #2
MAN #2: 20s, he/they, African American, Former classmate of Man #1; son of Man #3
MAN #3: 40s, he/they, African American, Security officer; father of Man #2

The Hero and The Lost Boy  by Estefania Unzueta 

  • Tagline: Blood is thicker than water but what happens when you can’t take any more blood in your life, past or present?

XOCHITL:  She/her, 13/35, White Latina, speaks some Spanish
ANGEL: He/him, 7/29, Brown Latino, Xo’s brother, speaks some Spanish
YASMIN:  She/her, 30, Brown Latina, their mother, speaks some Spanish

Shed (a section) by Lisa McConnell 

  • Tagline: Henrietta will do anything for the ones she loves even if that means committing the ultimate sin.

HENRIETTA NOLAN: 65, African American, she/they
JOHN JOSEPH BAILEY: 35, Caucasian, he/they

Scorpio (a section) by alfonzo kahlil 

  • Tagline: Working on a play, smoking that good ish and not truly expressing how you feel…what can go wrong?

ADESTE: 20s, African American, she/they, the scorpio. very sensitive. guarded. queen of the damned. can see through bullshit, so don’t even try. a lot of people try. very practiced. very powerful. very lonely. will destroy a debate. passionate. intriguing and intimidating. and intense. not to JUDA. will die for love, will kill for love. only if you’re worthy. will verbally cut you.
KARTER: 20s, African American, he/they, the gemini. feels lost if not in a relationship. intimacy is as essential as water. everything sounds better in their head, but has an easy-going charm. faithful in love. serial monogamist. when irritated or prompted, will border on verbal diarrhea. sensitive to guilt.

 La Medici of Beverly Hills by William Gregory

  • Tagline: How long can you fake the funk before your reality you set up for yourself unravels?

MONICA: 38, White Latina, she/they, very gorgeous woman. She’s from Nebraska but she tells everyone she’s from Buenos Aires. Her grandparents were from Argentina, they fled the Peronistas and moved to Nebraska. Beverly Hills is her home now. She tries hard to be a mover and a shaker.
SANTIAGO: 29 years, Chicano/Latine, he/they, He is a gardner and  used to be in a gang, but he is trying to change his ways. Gardening and Art were what he learned in prison, before Homeboy Inc, before Monica. He is extremely well built.
VOICE OFF STAGE: Any Age, she/they, an interviewer with a British accent. The undisclosed. Art magazine is new and unknown.

swc: shopping while colored  by Toma Lynn Smith

  • Tagline: Girls night in with your best friends as you discuss politics. Nothing could be better…right?

FLORIDA:  40, African American, she/they, Works with Chicago Public School after-school program 
MILLICENT: 38, African American, she/they, Fair Skin, VP with Ariel Investments for a month or two 
THELMA: 41, African American, she/they, Community Organizer 
WILLONA: 41, African American, she/they, Theatre ARTrepreneur 

Rehearsals: July 8th -Aug 6th (Saturdays & Sundays 12pm-4:30pm, 10 total)
Tech: Aug 12th & 13th
Show Run: Aug 17th-Aug 20th

Virtual Run: Aug 21st-Sep 3rd

Headshots and resumes, directors resumes, playwrights scripts and technical, stage and house management resumes can be submitted on a revolving basis.

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