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We Want To Read Your Work!

What We Are Looking For:

If your play causes a conversation after it is over then we want to read it! We don't put limits on what kind of plays we produce because we want our plays to be something that is there for every type of audience. So if you have a Sci-Fi, slice of life, surrealism, dramatic or comedic play then we want to read it.  

*Our only submission requirement is that you are a playwright of color.

*When you submit your play please send a cover letter, so we can get to know more about you!

*We also do not currently produce musicals.

Our Current Play Producing Structure:

BIPOC Playwrights Festival (10-20pgs long)

Stage Readings/Workshops (not ready to produce fully, need feedback or workshop)

Stand Alone Short Plays (20-50pgs long, ready to produce)

Full Length (ready to produce and over 50pgs long)

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