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 Our mission is to strengthen the accessibility of theatre to the African-American/Black communities of South Shore and to be an economic and artistic resource for BIPOC artists. 


Our tagline is that we change the way people perceive the world around them one show at a time and we do just that! By highlighting Black Playwrights stories, especially those from the Southside of Chicago, who oftentimes aren't able to get their work produced as often in the community that their works are written for. We work hard to make sure the shows and training we offer is done by people that look like the community we are in.


When we say we are a full service theatre we mean that we not only produce shows, however we also provide training for beginner and intermediate artists on the stage and behind the curtain to develop their careers. We focus on BIPOC Artists, especially Black Artists, because we are often at a disadvantage when it comes to learning the ends and out of the theatre arts world and Perceptions Theatre is here to change that on the Southside! We have already helped artists with securing agents, updated headshots, self tapes, coaching classes and much more. Our technical theatre focus makes sure we offer training that will produce the next directors, playwrights, stage managers,  lighting designers, set designers, costume designers and sound designers who are all an important part of making sure the show goes on. Check out our training services and find the perfect fit for you or submit your play and/or headshot and resume as they are always being reviewed on a rolling basis.

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