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Have you been craving theatre for us by us told through our lenses? Then look no further! Perceptions Theatre presents our first BIPOC Playwrights Festival dedicated to showcasing one act plays by theses talented playwrights. We have brought together 5 playwrights, 6 directors and 15 actors from South Shore, Chicago all the way to Texas and Baltimore, Maryland for our first virtual festival! You don’t even have to leave your home to watch and you are able to watch it at your own pace. Each weekend day from May 21st-30th a one act will be released for your viewing pleasure and you will have access to them until June 15th. So save the date you don’t want to miss these plays from fighting over the house cat to “acceptable” hairstyles to baby shower drama these one acts have it all. Get your tickets now!

*When you purchase your ticket you will have access to all SIX one acts below! A link will be emailed to you to access the performances. 

Meet The Cast & Directors 

Love & Nappiness by: Kirsten Baity

Premieres  May 21st, a Friday

It’s a couple things that we can’t control: who we love and the way the hair grows from our heads...

Kwame David Lilly



A'Keisha Lee


Beth Hendrickson


Tori Wynn



Frenemies by: Lou Johnson

Premieres May 22nd, a Saturday

Jerluane 'Jay' Jenkins



Cayla L. Jones

Woman #18

Teagan Fitzpatrick


Woman #17

In the heat of battle, being able to distinguish friend from foe is vital...

You, Me, and the Cat by: Asha R. McAllister

Premieres May 23rd, a Sunday

What if the person you love with doesn’t feel the same way about the pet you love? Or you for that matter?...

Des'ree Brown



Ekemini Ekpo


Brad Martinez


Colorblind Casting by: Antwon Funches

Premieres  May 28th, a Friday

When you are one of a very few black theatre students at a PWI and you have a professor who doesn't see color...What's the worse that can happen?

Willow James



Kendall Mallett


Kiefer Otto

Professor Jacobs

Teagan Fitzpatrick


Line of Duties by: Andre Richardson Hogan II

Premieres May 29th, a Saturday

It's A... by: Asha R. McAllister

Premieres  May 30th, a Sunday

Nia Vines


Bair Warburton-Brown


Shane Calvin

Oftentimes the hardest thing about dealing with the sudden loss of a heroic figure is coping with the void they leave behind...

Should you have a baby or not? The perfect conversation to have at your sister's baby shower, no?....



Aliyah Banks


Tanikia Carpenter


Jori Jackson


Meet The Production Team

Tamarus Harvell


Production Manager

Jerluane 'Jay' Jenkins

Producing Executive Director


Producing Artistic Director

Literary Manager

Kenny Bell


Antwon Funches


Resident Graphic Designer 

Jamise Wright

Casting Director