Formerly known as The Stoner Book Club now we are Perceptions Play Club! A space where we come together virtually to discuss plays we  have read by BIPOC playwrights. Join us every month for a new play that you will read for the month then come to discuss it with us at the end of the month! 

*When purchasing your link to the Zoom play club meeting we will also send you a pdf of the play to read, so you are prepared for the discussion. We may even have the playwright sit in to discuss the play with us for some meetings! We will also be recording each play club meeting for promotional purposes.

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The Piano Lesson 
August Wilson

*Play Watch Party:
7pm-8:30pm CST 

2pm-3:30pm CST

*When you purchase your ticket you receive access to both the Play Watch Party and Discussion!

In his second Pulitzer Prize-winner, The Piano Lesson, Wilson has fashioned perhaps his most haunting and dramatic work. At the heart of the play stands the ornately carved upright piano which, as the Charles family's prized, hard-won possession, has been gathering dust in the parlor of Berniece Charles's Pittsburgh home. When Boy Willie, Berniece's exuberant brother, bursts into her life with his dream of buying the same Mississippi land that his family had worked as slaves, he plans to sell their antique piano for the hard cash he needs to stake his future. But Berniece refuses to sell, clinging to the piano as a reminder of the history that is their family legacy. This dilemma is the real "piano lesson," reminding us that blacks are often deprived both of the symbols of their past and of opportunity in the present.

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The Piano Lesson


August Wilson



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