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4th Annual BIPOC Play Fest is BACK!


Our 4th Annual BIPOC Play Fest playwrights are HERE! This year we are also apart of the RhinoFest and we wouldn’t be any more excited for you to see what we have it store! Start getting your tickets now because seating is limited and if you know anything about our BIPOC Play Fest it SALES OUT FAST!

Annual BIPOC Play Festival dedicated to showcasing one act plays by talented playwrights of color.

What Else We Have Going on at RhinoFest


Measure of a Man: June 8-26

How does one measure the life of a man like Chairman Fred Hampton, who was assassinated by the FBI and Cook County Police in Chicago, Illinois in 1969? Measure of a Man is an examination of a pivotal moment in American history, offering both a tribute to Chairman Fred Hampton's legacy as one of the youngest and most prominent leaders of The Black Panther Party. Set in the apartment where he and another panther man, Mark Clarke met their untimely demise. The play serves as an experimental exploration of Hampton's youth, his magnetic charisma, and his tireless efforts to unite the working class across racial lines. The stage is a haunting tableau, with blood splatters on the walls, doors, and windows with bullet holes in them; yellow caution tape strewn about the room. Through a series of flashbacks, monologues, and immersive dialogue, the audience is taken on a journey through Hampton's life, from his early activism to his rise as a powerful leader in the Black Power movement.

Written by India Nicole Burton

Directed by Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke
Featuring alfonzo kahlil

Co-Produced by Prop Thtr

June 15th-Measure of a Man (7pm-8pm)

June 16th-Measure of a Man (7pm-8pm)

June 17th-Measure of a Man (7pm-8pm)

June 22nd-Measure of a Man (7pm-8pm)

June 24th-Measure of a Man (7pm-8pm)

June 26th-Measure of a Man (7pm-8pm)

About Play Club

A space where we come together virtually and in person to discuss plays we  have read by BIPOC playwrights. Join us every month for a new play that you will read for the month then come to discuss it with us at the end of the month and some months we even have a watch party of the play or a meet up event before we discuss it!


*When you RSVP for your ticket you will be sent a link to the play club meeting we will also send you a pdf of the play to read, so you are prepared for the discussion, if available. We may even have the playwright sit in to discuss the play with us for some meetings! We will also be recording each play club meeting for promotional purposes, however feel free to leave your cameras off for the discussion or to decline being filmed in person, if you choose.

Perceptions Theatre’s Artistic Director, Myesha-Tiara and Executive Director, Jerluane “Jae” Jenkins sat down with “The Future of Art in America: A New Models Podcast” on Spotify to chat with Olivia Lilley about how we started, our plans for the future and how you can be the best version of what you want to get out of the arts community! Trust us you don’t want to miss it. If you ever wanted to know a little about our process in being theatre owners on the Southside of Chicago this is definitely for you and check out the rest of their line up on Spotify today!

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Our Covid Protocol:

 We are following all Covid protocols and respect everyone's individual decisions when it comes to this.  Everyone who attends our events are encouraged to wear a mask if they so choose.

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