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Panther Women: An Army for the Liberation is JEFF NOMINATED!


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Content Warning: Panther Women: An Army for the Liberation includes explicit language, as well as some words people may find offensive, sexual content or innuendo, and discussion of racism and violence against women.

Perceptions Theatre’s Artistic Director, Myesha-Tiara and Executive Director, Jerluane “Jae” Jenkins sat down with “The Future of Art in America: A New Models Podcast” on Spotify to chat with Olivia Lilley about how we started, our plans for the future and how you can be the best version of what you want to get out of the arts community! Trust us you don’t want to miss it. If you ever wanted to know a little about our process in being theatre owners on the Southside of Chicago this is definitely for you and check out the rest of their line up on Spotify today!

Black History Month

From all of us at Perceptions Theatre we wish you a Happy Black History Month! Each day for us we celebrate Black History and work to make sure we add to those history books. This month make an extra effort if you don’t already to include us and other Black Theatre companies in your support in person and virtually by spreading the word on our upcoming events, donations, a follow, a share on socials, sign up for newsletters or a combination of things, so we are able to continue to make amazing accompaniments and create art that will live on long after us. 

We WON the Broadway in Chicago's
Emerging Theatre Award!



We're Nominated for TWO
Black Excellence Awards 



We Are Named Best New Storefront Theatre in the Chicago Magazine! 


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Fox Chicago & NBC Chicago:

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 We are following all Covid protocols and respect everyone's individual decisions when it comes to this.  Everyone who attends our events are encouraged to wear a mask if they so choose.

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