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3rd Annual BIPOC
Play Fest

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Perceptions Theatre presents our 3rd Annual BIPOC Play Festival dedicated to showcasing one act plays by talented playwrights of color. We have brought together 6 playwrights, 6 directors and 11 actors from South Shore, Chicago and the surrounding areas! You can attend the festival in person and will have access to this festival virtually from August 21st-September 3rd! These plays offer six diverse, intriguing tales that explore: broken family dynamics; colorism; absurd comedy; and what happens when you leave things unsaid. 

Meet The Cast & Directors 

Based on the story-poem of the same title, this drama adaptation tells of three men's perspective towards an assault and upon a former classmate.

Devin Christor Headshot.jpg

Devin Christor (he/him)

DeMorris Headshot.jpeg

DeMorris Burrows


Man 1

Demetrius Headshot.jpeg

Demetrius Burrows

Man 2


Brandon Etheridge (he/him)

Man 3

After the death of a family member, two estranged siblings disagree on how to mourn and move on.

Juan Castaneda.jpg

Juan Castaneda


Alyssa Arizpe Headshot.jpg

Alyssa Arizpe (she/her)

James D. Matthews Headshot.jpg

James D. Matthews 


Sam's Headshot.jpg

Sam Magaña Plascencia (she/her)


Imagine, in a rural Southern town, a Black mother holds her daughter’s racist rapist captive. A Time to Kill meets 12 Angry Men This powerful parable of what could come if change never comes takes place in a small Southern town. Henrietta Nolan’s daughter, Kamalise, is raped by John Joseph Bailey. The Baileys are a prominent, white supremacy family. They basically own the town and therefore, are impervious to the law. The assault on Kamalise unearths buried memories of Henrietta’s own attack, coincidentally, by a member of the same family. Unable to live with this recurring nightmare, Henrietta is determined to put an end to the abuse the Baileys wield in this town. Employing a variety of tactics, Henrietta is hell-bent on exacting a confession from John Bailey. While Henrietta confronts John Bailey, her children explore the
systemic racism and injustices in America. Through family stories, American history, and shared experiences, this suspense drama voices the unsaid, challenges the promise of America, and rips through the heart of one’s soul.  

Charlique Headshot.jpeg

Charlique C. Rolle (she/her)

Margo's Headshot.jpeg

Margo Harper (she/her)

Henrietta Nolan

Andrew Headshot.jpeg

Andrew Freeland

John Joseph Bailey

JUDA, a ‘sensitive as hell’ cancerian, loves their on-again off-again (on-again off-again on-again off-ag…) significant sometimes ADESTE; an irresistible, but guarded scorpio, with all their heart. Problem: neither pair knows exactly what “love” is. However, their relationship dynamic radically shifts when Venus, planet of love, initiates a retrograde so chaotic, JUDA and ADESTE are finally confronted to reevaluate all their notions surrounding intimacy, pleasure, romance, and relating to the other.  And yes, there will be drugs.

Kezia's Headshot.jpg

Kezia Waters


Makai's Headshot.jpg

Makai Walker


Whitney Pipes.jpg

Whitney Pipes


La Medici of Beverly Hills unfolds when a reporter for a prestigious Art magazine is interviewing Monica Driehaus for a story regarding her gardener’s “Art.” This “Art” is in the backyard of Monica’s estate. It’s causing a frenzy in the art world and she has even started tours of her back yard as a result. In the short interview the reporter prods Monica and especially Santiago into revealing many dark secrets. Secrets that the world isn’t ready to hear.

Carlos Mendoza Headshot.jpg

Carlos Mendoza Jr


Alyssa Arizpe Headshot.jpg

Alyssa Arizpe (she/her)


James D. Matthews Headshot.jpg

James D. Matthews


Genesis Beecham Head Shot.jpg

Genesis Beecham

Voice off Stage

Four Black women convene on a Friday night to chill at Thelma’s place. Their planned fun night turns serious after she shares a video of a racist rant at a shopping mall in the South. Disagreements happen, reflection occurs, and friendship strengthens in this one act.

Mondisa's Headshot.jpg

Mondisa (she/her)

Shakira's Headshot.jpeg

Shakira Reedus (she/her)


Emily's Headshot.jpeg

Emily Dixon (she/her)


Whitney Pipes.jpg

Whitney Pipes (she/her)


Genesis Beecham Head Shot.jpg

Genesis Beecham (she/her)


Meet The Production Team

Kenneth Bell_edited.jpg

Kenny Bell
Literary Manager

J Photo746 (1).jpg

Jabari Khaliq

Videographer & Cinematographer

Antwon Funches.jpg

Antwon Funches

Resident Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager

Nia Vines

Nia Vines

Costume Designer

PT 4p.png

Stefan Brun

Lighting Designer

Kwame Headshot.jpg

Kwame David Lilly 

Intimacy Director

Tamarus Harvell.jpg

Tamarus Harvell


Production Manager

2.5 Jerluane Jae Jenkins Headshot.heic

Jerluane 'Jae' Jenkins

Stage Manager, Set Designers & Producing Executive Director

Myesha-Tiara 4.jpg


Casting Director & Producing Artistic Director

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